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Family surnames: 421
Total people: 1,732
Total citations: 2,074

This genealogical website contains information on many different family groups, but is focused on descendents who are related to George and Sara (Tilden) Sutton, either by direct descendency or by marriage into this family tree, down primarily through the Suttons who migrated to Western Pennsylvania from New Jersey in the late 1700s or early 1800's from whom I am descended.

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Like almost all genealogies, this is a work in progress. If you are visiting for the first time - welcome! I hope this website helps in your own family research. If you have visited here before, thanks for returning! Your comments and thoughts on the research here, plus any information you can share with our family pertaining to this family line is welcome. I so much appreciate those "major league" Sutton genealogists who have done considerable work on this family line, and have provided it to others on the web. I owe much to their research, and will spend considerable time in the next few years making sure they are properly cited and credited for the people referenced on this website.

I am investing most of my genealogical time into updating citations for the family line I have documented here on this website. I have found that conflicting information can wreak havoc on a family genealogy if not properly documented to sort out fact from fallacy. Although I am not a registered professional genealogist and make no pretensions about that, I have been investing time learning how to research family genealogy over a decade now. I anticipate keeping this genealogical website up to date with an ever expanding number of referenced "relatives", solid citation references and a novel and intuitive human interface as long as God sees fit to leave me here on earth.

Please check out the Genealogical Citations part of the website sometime during one of your visits here. There are some good references that may help you with your own research. If your research differs with the information presented for an individual, please use the form on the person's webpage (at the bottom) to inform me of your suggested revisions for the individual in question.

I started this project because I enjoy learning about family history, and needed a way to understand the complex nature of who was related to whom. I have always enjoyed designing and coding the software for the website, so there is usually a steady flow of ideas for improvements going on in my head, and on the website. Most of this effort has been placed into the "software tools" I use to update and manage the website. I have been considering more improvements to the visible form of the website, but will probably transition it to an object oriented design (versus the current functional design) before these changes in the visible website take place. Sorry if I lost you - I am a software engineer by profession, and sometimes it's hard to hide that fact!

The website now has the ability to be updated by people other than myself. This was a major (fun!) undertaking, especially the security part of the design. If you would enjoy helping to update your family history on this website at your own computer, please contact me for information on creating an account (it's free!).

To get started exploring this website, just click on the LIST OF SURNAMES. This provides access to the all the biographies, pictures, and other genealogical information for everyone on this website. I hope that along the way you experience good memories, family connections and items of interest that brighten your day!

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