Rev. Abner Sutton was the 8th child born to John Sutton and Mary (Mercer) Martin. Rev. Abner was born 8 May 1741 in Basking Ridge, Bernard Township, Somerset, NJ when Elizabeth was ??? years old, Ann was ??? years old, Lois was ??? years old, Mary was ??? years old, Mercy was ??? years old, Serviah was ??? years old and Rev. Abner was ??? years old. Rev. Abner married Mary Davison on 31 May 1768 at the age of 27 and they had 8 children. Rev. Abner died 26 Feb 1791/1795/179 at the age of 50.

Navigable Family Tree

Grandparents  John David Sutton
Elizabeth CongerJonathon Martin
Elizabeth Dunham
Parents  John Sutton
Mary (Mercer) Martin

Siblings  Elizabeth SuttonAnn SuttonLois SuttonMary SuttonMercy SuttonServiah SuttonRev. Abner SuttonPhilip Sutton

Children  Sarah SuttonAnn SuttonGeorge SuttonJeremiah SuttonJohn SuttonDavid SuttonRozanna SuttonJohn Sutton

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Church founder 29 Oct 1767 of Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, New Jersey. Served as Pastor until his death. Click here to see a recent photograph of this church, which is listed in the National Register.
Rev Abner Sutton (1741-91) Basking Ridge NJ, second pastor at Mt Bethel Baptist Church, famous revialist; m. 1768 Mary Davidson (1742-98) (The Compendium of American Genealogy Vol 6 p 550)


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