Welcome to our family website!

This family website was first created in 2004 in what often seems like a short time ago. The years have flown by quickly since then. We were relatively young parents at the time that eventually had the blessing of bringing four children into this world which are all adults now. A wonderful, yet bittersweet feeling - those who have raised children will probably understand that!

This website was created with the intent to promote intellectual integrity, a platform that cannot be censored once you have found it and bookmarked it! The website is not a news website, but it does link to various news websites on the RESOURCES page. There is also links to websites we have found useful for everything from government resources to zip code utilities. The power of ideas should never be exclusive to website platforms like Facebook and Twitter, who are more focused on being successful as agents of leftist propaganda.

There are alternatives to the leftist dominated social media platforms now. GabMeWe and Spreely are alternatives to Facebook, BitChute, Rumble and YouMaker are alternatives to YouTube, and FrankSpeech (by (Mike Lindell) and CaucusRoom are also free speech platforms. The suppression of free speech and the censoring of critical information pertaining to our health, our nation and the world that is now the brand of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will only be overcome by competition. Let the First Amendment protections of our Constitution be restored in our nation.

This website hosts a blog that expresses ideas and experiences that are important to share with our friends and the public internet community. There is also a link to the family genealogy website which we have maintained through the help of many contributors through the years on the ABOUT page. Like any other genealogical project, it is a work in progress. It is always a thrill to hear from a relative with information for the family genealogy website, even though the updates that are made are not as frequent as I would like them to be.

Thank you for visiting here today, we hope that our website is a source of encouragement, inspiration and information for you!

Jim & Rachel Sutton